15th GSE ISP Symposium 2021

September 28 - October 1, 2021



From the beginning of computerized data processing until now, taking backup copies of data is an inevitable task of professional IT operations, and thus, since 1994 we have a sequence of ADSM/TSM/SpectrumProtect symposia to discuss our chosen tool for taking backups.

This tool, spectrum protect, promises the protection of data against many forms of data loss.

This is your chance to participate and benefit from the innovations, the new and changed functionality in the recent and upcoming versions and to hear what is expected to be implemented in ISP over the next couple of years.

Join us and keep up with the very latest features and plans of the ISP-team within IBM, gain hints and tips on upgrading your archive and backup services, learn how to exploit the forthcoming new functionality, and acquire additional technical insight into Spectrum Protect.

Take full advantage of the presentations from IBM Development, as well as contributions from other experienced and established ISP users.